• GAD Stage 4 Mercedes-AMG C190 AMG GT S sets M178 platform 1/4 mile record - 9.30@151.78

      Whoo is this cooking! GAD Motors just continues to impress on the Mercedes-AMG M177/M178 twin turbo 4.0 V8 platforms. This C190 Mercedes-AMG GT S belongs to the nephew of BenzBoost member @Gad6363.

      This is a Stage 4 setup with forged pistons and what BenzBoost assumes is a built transmission.

      Look at the GPS numbers for the run:

      100-200 kph in 4.02 is incredible.

      This car is simply flat out fast and 9.308 @ 151.78 miles per hour is the new quickest and fastest M178 1/4 mile record.

      BenzBoost would like to see the full slip and know more about the GAD Stage 4 package but it is clear GAD Motors is building some of the world's fastest AMG's.

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        price of stg4? 70k $? more? gad request alot from what i know..
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 135idct Click here to enlarge
        price of stg4? 70k $? more? gad request alot from what i know..
        This is the reality of going faster and faster, the more you want the more you will end up paying, this is not only with this platform but more or less anything out there running on the road, you can’t cut corners with those machines otherwise you would be seeing more of those 9s runs around the world. 70k is a big number come to add it up this includes forged pistons re assembled heads with port and polish, high pressure fuel up grade low pressure fuel upgrade, gearbox clutch upgrade with TCU, 2 control units one for your daily the second for your race fuel, a set of larger intercoolers with methanol kit, complete double scroll turbos with downpipe! Now compare those upgrades with any other German car similar upgrades, and it’s not 70k you send them an email and you would get the price.

        the only reason I write this cuz I have spent tons of money on many tuners in the past no one gave us the real deal except for GAD
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        Here's the slip:

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