A very impressive M177 run here and it interestingly comes not too long after the M178 broke into the 9's (although not on an NHRA accredited strip). The M177 is on the verge of that first 9-second pass with this Yabeela Stage IV turbo upgraded Mercedes-AMG C63 S running a 10.189 @ 137.93 pass.

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Keep in mind just a couple months ago this car was tuning mid 10's @ 135 miles per hour but with some slipping transmission issues. The transmission apparently was rebuilt but is still stock.

So what changed? Higher clutch clamping pressure courtesy of some TCU tuning. The question is, who is doing this tuning?

This is the new overall M177 platform record and it comes on a 1.713 60 foot:

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A 1.5X or even a 1.6X should be able to get it into the 9's. A 1.7X really is not a hard launch for that amount of power and clearly it is making some serious power.

The 137.93 trap speed is slightly behind a Weistec W.4 W205 C63 AMG running 10.464 @ 140.90. The 10.189 elapsed time is officially the quickest W205 C63 though.

This C63 does not have a built motor or trans.

The Yabella Stage 4 M177 turbo setup is doing the work and you will have to ask @Yabeelaparts for more details on the setup. BenzBoost would like to know more about the tuning and fuel setup in particular.